Setting up your Target Platform

Tihomir R. Todorov

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Tihomir R. Todorov

This tutorial describes how you can set up a Riena target platform (using the eclipse site), if you know which componets are needed. But the example below shows also on how to create other target platform when the componets are known.

Fire up Eclipse. Add a new target called "Riena Internet" by opening up Preferences Dialog (In Eclpse Window->Preferences), selecting the Plug-in Development->Target Platform items and the "Add..." button.

In the next Dialog called "New Target Definition" choose "Nothing: Start with an empty target definition" and click "Next >"

In the same dialog click "Add..." and select "Software Site", then click "Next >"

From the Combo-Box called "Work with:" in the dialog called "Add Content" choose "Galileo -". Type "Eq" and choose "Equinox Project SDK", then click "Finish".

The result should look like the following:

Go back again to the dialog called "Add Content" as you used the above steps. Deselect the check button "Group by Category" and type "RC", then choose "Eclipse RCP SDK" and click "Finish".

Now you should see the following:

Again to the dialog called "Add Content", select this one the check button "Group by Category" and type "Rie" then choose "Riena Core SDK (TP ONLY)" and click "Finish"

If you see the following you are done! Click "Finish".

Select now the target called "Riena Internet" and click "OK".