Set up your Java Development Environment

Tihomir R. Todorov

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Downlaod the latest version of Java JDK SE and install the windows .exe file (i.e. jdk-6u22-windows-i586.exe) to a folder of your choice. In my case i chose "C:\Programme\Java".

WinKey + R->In Run dialog box type: cmd /K java -version->ENTER and you should see the following:

It seems that everything is OK , unfortunately it is not right, not yet!

WinKey + R->cmd /K del c:\WINDOWS\system32\java*->ENTER. In the new opened cmd dialog type java -version and verify that you see the following:

WinKey + Pause->Advanced->Environment Variables

In the group System variables->Click New and fill the dialog like the following:

In the group System variables find the variable path and edit it like the following:

Close all dialog with OK->WinKey + R->cmd /K java -version->ENTER. You should see the following: